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Serving In The Kampfschwimmer With An Issued 1:1 Replica IWC UK

In the 1980s, perfect replica IWC introduced a series of highly specialized dive watches for the Kampfschwimmer, an elite German military dive unit. Made in conjunction with Porsche Design, these titanium watches had IWC technology and ingenuity behind them. As military-issued versions of the luxury fake IWC Ocean 2000, they are now referred to as the “Ocean Bund” among collectors and enthusiasts.

The UK cheap replica IWC Ocean Bund (short for Bundeswehr or “German Federal Armed Forces”) came as six issued references, including one that consisted of 50 entirely nonmagnetic watches for mine-clearance units within the Kampfschwimmer.

An extreme IWC watch for an elite unit
Recently, I spoke to David Seyffer, aaa quality replica IWC’s historian, about these unique super clone watches online and the importance of their design in Swiss movement copy IWC’s modern history. In that interview, David noted, “These watches feature two important innovations — titanium and design. I would consider the Ocean 2000 the most ‘radical’ design made in cooperation with Porsche Design simply because of the use of titanium. The watch became one of the most innovative diver’s watches ever.” You can read that full interview here.

The Kampfschwimmer (“Combat Swimmers”) are German frogmen and among some of the country’s most elite and well-trained military units. In training videos, we can watch members of those units being air-dropped with full combat equipment, including flippers, into the ocean.

Speaking to a former member of the Kampfschwimmer
After our article went live, several people wrote to me with personal stories of serving in that unit or owning one of these special military-issued timepieces. I extend my thanks to those who helped provide additional photos used in this story, particularly Thorsten (@real_vintagesilver on Instagram), who once owned an aaa quality replica IWC Ocean 2000.

One of those who wrote to me was issued an IWC Ocean Bund replica for men while serving in the German military in the very late 1980s and early 1990s. He asked to remain anonymous for this chat but wanted to share a few of his thoughts on the unit and the watch. Let’s just call him “Mr. P” for the sake of this interview.