Replica IWC Aquatimer 50TH Special Edition Made By New Materials

Every new material will inject new vitality to the wristwatches, including the shiny stainless steel, anti-corrosion titanium and light ceramic. Many watch brands continuously try many innovative and new materials, adopting the good features into the design of the perfect fake wristwatches.

The all-black design looks very cool and bold.

IWC Aquatimer Fake With Ceratanium Case

Today’s model is just made by the innovative material – Ceratanium, which has combined the good features of titanium and ceramic. Due to the unique Ceratanium, IWC copy with black dial is as light as titanium, meanwhile, it is also as robust as the ceramic. Furthermore, it offers greater resistance to the scratching.

The material of this timepiece is innovative.

Black Rubber Strap Copy IWC

The all-black appearance makes the innovative IWC Aquatimer knockoff watch very cool. The Swiss watch brand spends five years studying and developing, finally successfully creating the unique material on basis of the titanium and ceramic. Comparing to the ceramic and titanium, the timepiece is more comfortable for the wearers.

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