Cheap Replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay “Classic” Replica Watches For Sale

Tudor’s Black Bay series cheap fake watches are, without doubt, the most popular model that the brand has created in its modern existence. It’s easy to see why: it’s a greatest hits compilation of every iconic dive watch Tudor has ever made and the Tudor Black Bay “Classic” proves to be the most interesting variant. It took elements from past Tudors including the dial, the hands, the bezel and more to create what is, in effect, the ultimate Tudor.

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Originally there was just one Black Bay, the Red, but the collection was expanded to include a blue bezel option. The original Black Bay lineup was rounded out, practically at the last minute, by this Black Bay Black, which has been the most desirable of the three.
But the life of the original Black Bay Black was an unusually short one. Less than half a year later, Tudor completely overhauled the Black Bay line, ceasing production of the very young Black Bay Black, which we’ve come to call the “Classic” here at Timeless to differentiate it from the newer model.
As a result, the Black Bay Black is, by far, the rarest modern Tudor, and that’s not gone unnoticed in a brand that has become a favorite among collectors.

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Just how few Black Bay Black Classics are there? It’s impossible for us to say, but we do know that the Classic version was released in October 2015, and the new “2.0” version was announced at Baselworld ’16 – about 5 months later. It can be safely assumed that March, at the latest, was probably the end of Classic production as Tudor switched to the 2.0, so it, in all probability, was made for less than one half of one year. That’s quite an unusual run in a market where the same watch can be, and often is, produced for a decade or longer.
Consequently, it has become, by far, the most collectible contemporary Tudor high quality replica watches, and perhaps one of the most collectible non-limited edition watches in the modern world. Brand new Black Bay Black Classics still exist, but are in dwindling supply, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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