Cheap Fake IWC Pilot Series Big Dial Watches

On December 17, 1903, Kitty hawk, a piece of land in the United States, the Wright brothers realized across time in the history of human flight.After the air flight this humanity’s greatest adventure in the turbulent period.Although a series of test and flight errors improve the aviation technology, many pilots also died.However, people continue to pursue more remarkable flight experience.And at the time, and after a period of time, the pilot does not need the pilot table, but when the first flight IWC Fake Watches number off loudly: “21, 22…”

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Cheap fake IWC watches.

In the 1930 s, then the IWC general manager of Ernst Jakob Homberger two sons very love for flying.In 1936, they decided to produce the Replica IWC Leather Strap Watches first dedicated wrist watch “pilot”.Wrist watch equipped with shatterproof seismic glass table mirror and rotating table, table circle an indication arrows can be used to record the departure time.The watch is also equipped with a magnetically tackled longitudinal device and high contrast fluorescent pointer and digital scale.This watch is very durable, resistance to temperature performance is especially outstanding, tolerance range of temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius to above 40 degrees Celsius zero.


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IWC 1940 at the request of the German military, began to make a remarkable military flight wrist watch, the crown of humanization design, super long strap is a feature of the big wrist watch.When the pilot in flight suit, when performing a task table can be put on the arm or leg.Table design is very concise, clear arrangement of the dial out since the legendary JU 52 aircraft cockpit instruments.And IWC Pilot Series Copy Watches for the first time to use soft iron inner wrist watch, it can effectively protect the machine heart from the influence of the external magnetic field, there is no doubt very suitable for the military.

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